A to Z: Word Lists and Pangrams for Practicing Calligraphy

A-to-Z word list, calligraphy

When we start to learn stringing the letters, coming up with words right off the top of your head can be tricky. Ever since I aspire to learn calligraphy, I’ve always wanted to write an A-to-Z of pastry in Copperplate, because, sigh, they’re such dainty words.

An ideal list should, of course, inspire you personally. Anyone learning to write will ultimately start off by doing their name. It’s practical, too, I suppose, since you’re going to write it many, many times in your life. The list should also contain all the letters in the alphabet, and the words shouldn’t be too short. If this list should have a theme that is something to your liking, it will really inspire you more than just practising. That’s why I’m sharing my own lists and I encourage you to come up with your own (and share them in comments, if you like!)

Pangrams are a different story, although they’re quite fun to make, too. A good pangram must contain all the letters in the alphabet and arranged so that it makes sense, somewhat. A great pangram will contain as little number of letters (short) as possible while still using the alphabet.

You can print off these lists or just copy them into your phone or tablet for reference. I’ve started every word with a capital letter, but remember, you can always write with a lower case. If there’s more than one word for a letter, you can use them all or pick your favourite. For some of the wanting letters, I have filled them as best as I can – either by placing the words that use the letter somewhere, or a word that’s somewhat related to the theme. I will continually update this post with new lists too, so enjoy practising!


Help me help you learn calligraphy!

I want to write about the things that will make your life easier on your calligraphy journey. I want you to tell me about the things you are wondering about, unsure about, what you want to know more about, whatever you wish someone could explain to you about learning calligraphy. By asking questions I will then answer in blog posts, you also help others learn! No question is ‘stupid’, ever. Suggestions are also welcome. Write me personally now!

  • Calligraphy – just writing these words make you a better calligrapher, guaranteed.
  • Patisserie – my first ever list. Makes you feel like walking into a boulangerie.
  • Joy – attract all those positive energy with these many words for that happy feeling.
  • Travel – go around the world with this dreamy destinations.
  • Colour – so many ways to describe all shades of the rainbow!
  • Astronomy – star light, star bright… word list for the dreamy stargazers!
  • Greek – Greek names perfect for Roman capitals.
  • Egypt – Egypt mythology is so epic!
  • Authors – Book nerds enjoy! Imagine signing your name, ha!

Potterphile alert! Yes I do love Harry Potter, and there are so many of these magical words it’s pretty easy to fill a few alphabets and make a dozen pangrams.



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